From 2010 onwards, the online publication Organs Everywhere (Œ) has aimed to expand architectural discourse, probing and troubling the boundaries of the discipline through speculative and experimental projects, fiction, philosophical texts, photography, and art. 
The Œ Case Files imprint publishes collections of articles, documents, and projects that have the potential to shift and reframe disciplinary discussions. The first volume, Œ Case Files Vol. 1, combines a diverse set of contents—a patchwork of essays, stories, design experiments, art installations, drawings, and poems, with contributions by Brunella Antomarini, Rachel Armstrong, Greg Barton, Alessandro De Francesco, Simone Ferracina, Jordan Geiger, Rolf Hughes, Joyce Hwang, Erin Manning, Lev Manovich, Stuart Munro, Catie Newell, Thomas Pearce, Bob Sheil, Raphael Sperry, Miriam Simun, Neil Spiller, Smudge Studio, Ling Tan, Zenovia Toloudi, and Ben Woodard.
ISBN: 9781953035; 302 pages with illustrations. Designed by Alex Abadjieva. Published by punctum books. Read more about Œ Case Files Vol. 1 (and download a copy) here.