How to Build a House: Fairy Tale of a Sustainability Future is a fictional project, developed in collaboration with artist/illustrator Melka Myers, that imagines a strange world of growing and metabolic buildings and components, at the intersection of synthetic biology and building construction. Published in Volume 35: Everything under Control, Archis, April 2013. Find a copy here.
Burrowing Worms. To different worm varieties correspond different tunnel textures.
Seed Diagram. Notations for the integration of inert and growing building components.
Fruity Wall. A thermally broken, cactus-derived organism that bears edible fruit.
Fungal Sink. A mushroom that cyclically filters and disinfects rainwater for human use.
Structural Leaves. Giant sticky plants that structurally bond to each other by contact.

Thermal Warmer. Organism that harvests energy from the sun and its own metabolism.